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Holist's founder, Irena Amromin brings a combined 25-year professional experience, first, as Attorney at Law and now as Head Hunter and Career Counselor. Her broad experience allows Irena to perceive things and people from a different perspective and bring people and companies to embrace their potentialities.


Sharp expertise and understanding of each business specific needs.


We accompany talents throughout their career evolution.


Always focused on defending our client’s interests combined with deep respect of talents.


We consider ourselves as sparring partners for our clients and never hesitate to question what is being said and to clarify what might not be said, we aim at finding our client’s "WHY".


Through our broad experience with mid-size and blue-chip companies we have built a sharp knowledge about digitalization and the agile way of working processes, that have already started reshaping corporate world.


Our network.


Furthermore, we have a strong focus on Gender Balance and the capacity to present Top female leaders.

How do we work?

Holist links all aspects of a career, which encompass finding the right and hence the best candidates for our clients, assessments but also career counseling, onboarding, executive and team coaching. We achieve this through the cooperation of our network of independent consultants.

Through a holistic approach, we present clients with the best pool of candidates in terms of EQ, industry expertise, functional knowledge, diversity and organizational fit.

In our view, individuals and interactions are valued more than processes and tools.

Our DNA values are: Ethics, Humility, Respect of each human being, Reliability, Efficiency, Confidentiality, Empathy, Partnership and Generosity are.

What we do

Retained Executive Search - Talents Hunting

Executive search is a tailor-made approach designed to spot, approach and convince candidates for senior and/or highly skilled positions. With the scarcity of qualified profiles on the market, people for (senior) management positions are usually not actively looking for a new challenge.

Coaching - Excecutive coaching

Everyone knows that people at the top are the loneliest. Therefore, we propose to act as sparring partners in these one-to-one coaching sessions for individuals.

Career counseling

Holist Career’s counseling is a one-to-one coaching session for individuals considering a new position, sector or career direction.
Career Counseling is delivered by our experienced executive search consultants who are close to the companies and know the market.

Collective intelligence facilitation

As a team and as individuals who are part of it, define what you really want, believe in it and do it! We are here to help with our various tools.

Change management

Our belief is that successful companies’ future will be Agile, Digitalized, Based on Transferrable skills, Lifelong learning Fun, Creativity and Curiosity. Let’s go together towards that objective.

Women empowerment

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Our experts

Irena Amromin is an Executive Search consultant with a significant experience in serving clients’ strategy.

Irena’s proven record also focuses on identifying talents and to fill in a variety of general management and senior roles, across all Industry sectors.

Committed to a philosophy of partnering with its clients, with origins dating back to 1994, Irena Amromin served clients by offering expertise in legal counseling hence understanding sharply where to set the focus for a winning strategy.
In order to go deeper in the questioning about “what do you really want” and spot potentials, Irena completed her education with an ICF approved certification as a Coach.

She explains that “Evolutive coaching is a tool that helps people to know about themselves, what they really want and where they want to go. Understanding personality and motivations on both sides of the employment relation secures a right match.

Irena is also a Guest Speaker on Executive Search at the Masters of European Studies, held by the Institute of European Studies, Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Irena Amromin

Executive Search consultant

Definition of HOLISTIC

Philosophy characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

A holistic approach means thinking about the big picture.


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